Mamaycuna EIRL - Constitution

MAMAYCUNA EIRL with commercial name - it is located at Cal.argentina Address Nr. 483 (at Back of Bolche Gym) in Loreto / Maynas / Belen. Registered as main phone (s) (+51065267805). This company was founded on 10/12/2018, registered within the mercantile and commercial companies as an INDIVIDUAL RESP COMPANY. LTDA If you want to know more about this business or organization, you can call and request information. Remember to say you found the phone and address in the company.


Economic Sector It started its economic activities on 10/12/2018, it is within the TOURIST OPERATOR ACTIVITIES sector.


Foreign Trade Activities It does not carry out foreign trade activities.

Registered Tax Registry in the SUNAT with RUC (Unique Taxpayer Registry) number 20603692714.

The last time we reviewed this information as of October 14, 2018 had as status of ACTIVE taxpayer and condition ACTIVE

Mamaycuna Mission

To provide a safe and supportive environment for people who wish to do serious work on themselves at all levels, mentally, physically and spiritually. To provide REAL healing for all patients, non messianistic and grounded at all times.  offer treatment for diseases, injuries and illnesses; from depression, addiction and PTSD to cancer, hepatitis, kidney and liver disease among others. To provide support before, during and after the healing/learning process. (One on One, Group, Integration, aftercare). To use only the best quality plants and materials to make all medicines made and used by us at Mamaycuna.

To support and help the local community. We provide real healing and learning for those that are willing and ready. Working with plant medicines is testing and difficult at times but the results are quite evident.

There is no magic bullet and each person has to work diligently on themselves daily to gain the most from their time with us. Each medicine and treatment and/or practice should be used as a tool to heal, learn and grow, it is a process and requires discipline, honesty and patience. We are on hand to guide and help you through the process at all times in our safe and secure environment and we understand the processes fully and will explain and clarify as needed and welcome questions. We will be straight with you at all times and not tip toe around things. All in all we are here to help you heal yourself!

About the Meaning of the word Mamaycuna

Mamaycuna is a small, traditional Amazonian healing center situated on the banks of the Itaya river about half an hour outside of the jungle city of Iquitos in Perú.

We work with Ayahuasca and many other plant medicines in a traditional manner combining different spiritual teachings and practices from the various mystical schools.

It is the jungle home of Maestro Don Roman Castillo Pérez and his family, it has been a place of healing for many years and  is known as Mamaycuna; ‘Mother embracing her children’ .


Maestro Roman was born in the jungle near Iquitos but moved to the city at an early age. He started working with ayahuasca at the age of fourteen and began training with his Maestro, undertaking rigorous plant 'dietas' for months at a time, staying alone in the jungle and working with ayahuasca and many other plants. He had found his true calling and once his training was complete he proceeded to work by himself curing the local population of many illnesses and also traveling extensively throughout Perú working with many people. In more recent years he was sought out by many of the foreigners coming to heal and learn from


Ayahuasca and the plants and has worked at many of the 'gringo' owned centers over the years but still always works with the local population and helps many of the young kids stay away from gangs, alcohol and drugs by working with the medicine. He has thoroughly honed his skills as a 'Maestro Curandero’ for over 50 years now and has an encyclopedic knowledge of medicinal plants and traditional medicine. He is a humble and generous man with a cheeky sense of humor and an immense amount of love.


He now dedicates his time to Mamaycuna where he happily awaits you.

Kelly, Roman´s  wife


The Kitchen is ran by Maestro Roman's wife. Each meal is filling and delicious, with much care taken into account for the preparation and presentation of each dish. 

Kelly is the mother at Mamaycuna and is also our chef, preparing delicious food for our patients, using fresh local organic produce and adhering to the ayahuasca diet. Kelly varies the menu depending on what ingredients are available as we buy fresh each day and also serves sizable portions for each of our guests. Ayahuasca diet food doesn't have to be bland and small in size and we pride ourselves on the food we serve thanks to Kelly.

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